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PCSX-Reloaded for OSX 1.9.93

PSX emulator for OSX

  1. PCSX-Reloaded Team
    PCSX-Reloaded is a PlayStation Emulator based on PCSX-df 1.9, with support for Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X as well as many bugfixes and improvements.

    Changes in 1.9.93
    • SIO1 support is enabled by default.
    • OpenAL can be the back-end to the sound plug-in.
    • Removal of the GXVideo plug-in code.
    • Multi-block saves are copied correctly.
    OS X version
    Note that the OS X version requires 10.7 or later.
    • The placement of the PCSX-R folder in Application Support has changed from Pcsx to Pcsxr. Please migrate any files that are in Pcsx over to Pcsxr.
    • The net plug-in has been ported to OS X.
    • The PeopsXGL plug-in has been ported to OS X.
    • Memory cards can be changed outside of the BIOS.
    • Hotkeys are customizable.
    • There are two sound plug-ins: one that uses SDL, and another that uses OpenAL.
      • Mac OS X sound, which used the deprecated Carbon Sound manager, has been removed.
    • SDL2 is used for the SDL sound and the controller plug-in.
    • Self-signed to appease Gatekeeper.
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