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    First and foremost hello to everyone. As you can see I am new to this forum and have basically joined to get your input into a little issue I am having.
    I am running ePSXe 2.0.5 through the Gamebase system, which is working very well indeed. But the one issue I am having is the fact that Gamebase uses command line script to open and load isos and uses the -nogui switch to do so.
    Command line script from Gamebase:

    Add_CLP( -nogui -slowboot -loadiso %gamepathfile%)

    for those not familiar with gamebase this is the same as:

    epsxe -nogui -slowboot -loadiso "Drive:\Path\File.cue"

    This is perfect for single disk games but when playing two disk game like Driver 2 i am not able to swap disks due to no GUI. Is there a key press shortcut or a way to loadiso without the -nogui switch so the GUI is there?

    I have tried the command line without the -nogui command but all that happens is epSXe loads up but does not load the iso.
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