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    Shorthand guide

    AAMOF = As a Matter of Fact
    AFAIK = As far as I know
    ASAP = As soon as possible
    BB = Bulletin Board:
    BS = Bull
    BTW = by the way
    FAQ = Frequently asked questions.
    FYI = For Your Information
    GAL = Get a life.
    GMTA = Great minds think alike.
    GTG = Got To Go.
    GUI = Graphical User Interface
    HTH = Hope this helps. or Hope that helps.
    IANAL = I'm not a lawyer
    IC = I See
    IIRC = If I Recall Correctly
    IM(H)O = In My (Humble) Opinon
    IOW = In other words
    IRL = In real life.
    LMAO = laughing my a$$ off
    LOL = Laugh Out Loud
    Newbee/Newb/Newbie = New user of Internet and or computer.
    NSFW/NWS = Not Safe For Work/Not Work Safe
    OT = Off Topic
    OTT = Over the top
    OMG = Oh My God
    Pic = Picture
    PM = Private Message
    ROFL = rolling on the floor laughing
    ROFLMAO = Rolling on floor laughing my a** off
    RTFM = Read the f*****g manual
    STFU = Shut Thee Frell up
    URL = Uniform Resource Locater, Internet address of a web page ( http://sitename )
    WTH = What The Hell
    WTF = What The F***
    WEG = Wicked Evil Grin
    PS = Post Scriptum

    FSAA = Full Screen Anti Aliasing. - A method of removing jagged edges from the edge of polygons, and crawling textures.
    AF = Anistropic Filtering. A method of sharpening textures oblique to the camera.
    GF = Variously: GeForce, Guardian Force, Girl Friend.

    Any more to add, PM me.
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