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    Thread title like so
    [DC]Rez or [PSX]Spyro The Dragon and [SAT]Daytona USA

    So readers know what game / system the review is for.

    Now the content

    . Talk about the Games series (If it belongs to one), The games hype (How it has been portrayed in the media, etc) , games publisher, creator, etc.
    . Any othther opening comments you would like to make about the game.

    System Tested On
    . If PC, Specify components so people can compare
    . If a console, specify the output used (Composite, Component, DVI, etc) and which video mode was used (480i, 480p, 720p ,etc)

    Gameplay (Score out of 10)
    . Does the games levels / Level design become boring
    . How it could have been better
    . Orginal things in the games
    . Likes / Dislikes in the game in general
    . How well the games engine played

    Sound (Score out of 10)
    . Sound system used (5.1 Dolby Sorround, Stero, Dolby Logic II ,etc)
    . How well does the game sound
    . Could it have been improved

    Graphics (Score out of 10)
    . Hardware required
    . Talk about the games models / textures / draw distance / effects / lighting
    . How it compares with others on that system

    Replay Value (Score out of 10)
    . Talk about multiplayer
    . Talk about online play
    . When you finished the game is there more.

    Overall (The other scores added up then divided by 4 then that score out of 10)
    . Closing comments on the game
    . Would you recomend the purchase of this game

    NOTE: Try to include one or two images that you feel best captured the spirit of the game. (Capturing images yourself if the best way).
    If you plan on writing a review please play more than 5 minutes of the games opening scene, the more you have played a game, the better equiped you are to write a review for it. This isnt necessary but it looks nice :p
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