Analog stick of the SECOND controller slot not working

Discussion in 'ePSXe Android Discussion' started by nereid24, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. nereid24

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    Hi all. I'm having the following
    Nvidia shield tablet k1
    Nvidia controller
    Another xiaomi bluetooth controller
    Epsxe android 2.0.6

    Everytime I assigned a controller (nvidia or xiaomi) to the second controller slot in epsxe, that controller's analog stick stops working (other buttons still act normally) I've tried remap all buttons, switching 1st and 2nd controllers. The weird thing is if that controller get assigned to 1P slot, the analog works

    Thanks, hope my prob will be answered soon :(
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  3. acdbrn2000

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    So I am pretty sure this is a bluetooth / android / compatibility thing and an odd quirk of how they all combine. When you use multiple Bluetooth controllers usually one controller is set to a keyboard mode while the other is set to a gamepad mode. Only in gamepad mode do any analouge functions work and in keyboard mode only digital buttons work (even analog triggers fail in keyboard mode hence why most android specific bluetooth gamepads do not have them.)

    I think if you have very specific controllers with probably some actual proprietary software also running on your device you can get 2 controllers to work in gamepad mode together at the same time.... but I do not think that is possible with most controllers in stock android with no supporting app (controller managing app) to allow it to work.
  4. stevendthorne

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    Nereid24, were you able to correct this? I'm having the same issue with my player 2 controller - directional pad not working even though I mapped it.

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