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    Hi again, I would like to hear your recommendations as well as your opinions about those and other animes...

    My recommendations are (with some short descriptions):

    Ah! My Goddess
    Keiichi is a normal boy with bad luck but nice heart,
    so a Goddess comes to earth to grant him a wish.
    (Don't stop in the first 3 episodes, or you might regret it!)

    Azumanga Daioh
    School life...!
    (Random jokes, stupidity at 100%.
    But it's hillarious in some ways.)

    Boogiepop Phantom
    People disappear for no particular reason, as if death took them!
    (Creepy, but a good one,
    It's kinda tough for some ppl though!)

    PCs are alike girls.
    A guy finds a special PC in the trash, and
    activates it in a "special" place.
    (It's good, funny,
    but has a little strange sense of common,
    like... Dolls that love and stuff?
    Reminds Saber Marionette.)

    Death Note
    A guy is in school and a book named Death Note falls
    in the ground, which instructions are: Name the person
    and the death's reason and he will die in 40secs!
    (It's being released now, Manga was incredibly good!
    I don't have much to say!)

    Elfen Lied
    Mankind fear mutant childs and kill them at first,
    but then tries experiences. The story is about
    a girl who survived and killed people.
    (Excessive violence in some parts.
    You know? You'll have to watch it for yourself,
    it's really good, think about it!)

    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Brothers that use the forbidden techniques of
    the Alchemy to revive their lost mother.
    (It has lots of fame and is one of the greatests,
    Not many animes of this kind are out there though.)

    Full Metal Panic!
    This is about a military obsessed man that lacks
    common sense protecting a High School girl.
    (The fumoffu (2nd season) is hilarious)

    Seras is a cop who is turned into a vampire
    and uses her power to protect mankind against
    other vampires! Her Master is a immortal vampire
    who knows what style is about xD
    (I bet everyone knows this anime!
    Although it has vampires, it's really good.)

    Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (It's kinda cool, don't be illuded by the beginning)

    Last Exile
    Two brothers that lost their father on a mission
    and mother died by illness later! So they fly an airship
    to cross the place where their father died.
    (Old futurism, airships and stuff like that)

    Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    High school life, story about a girl and a boy. Their world
    acts accordingly to the desires of the girl, but only the boy
    and some friends of them knows about that. It's a comedy,
    but you'll only understand if you hear(/read in subtitles) his mind.
    (It's one of my strongest recommendations
    episodes don't follow story's timeline)

    Naruto is a boy in which was sealed a monster who attormented
    the Ninja village of the Leaf. It has fun and drama.
    (even though it's sucking up of fillers from long ago...)

    A girl who doesn't know who she is, she ask help to a pro
    assassin and promises to let the assassin kill her when she
    (Fine story)

    Paranoia Agent
    Stressed people that are in hard situations are attacked
    by a boy with a golden bat.
    (Good anime, unique ending)

    A city where reality seems strange, but few people seem to
    notice that. Story of a boy who escapes from that closed reality.
    (Reminds of evangelion)

    Some people seem to see evil spirits and even try to avoid being
    possessed or eaten by them. A boy meets a woman who says that
    can cure him but has to work for her.
    (no, I know it's xxx, but it's not hentai, lol)
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    All Fullmetal Panic seasons (already mentionned above)

    Serial Experiment Lain: Kind of cyberpunk but not very futuristic. Pacing is quite slow but it's really worth watching. Smart and (not overly) emotional.

    Black Lagoon: Bored of endless Good vs Evil fights? Here it's Evil vs Even-more-evil. Very violent, if you like blood splashes and have a cynical perception of the world, it's for you.

    Hellsing: Already mentionned too, but I suggest reading the manga rather than watching the anime. Or do both, but 2nd half of anime is close to non-sense.

    Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien: sad and depressing love stories involving a group of 4 old friends in their early adulthood (the 2 first episodes introduce them as teenagers). Lots of piano/violin themes, perfect if you wanna cry.
  4. darth sephiroth

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    neon genesis evangelion:
    sometime in the near future the world erupts. The entire south pole explodes due to a creature that was named Tenshin (i think that means angel if translated directly). The world is flooded and the climate is messed up for decades. 14 years later, Shinji moves to a military base town dedicated to fighting new occurances of Tenshins. As a Tenshin attacks just as he has moved there he is tasked with piloting one Evangelion that is buildt to fight the Tenshin. But what are the Evangelion, and what are the Tenshin?
    Very good animation, some humor if not that much but very good when there is some, you just gotta love the hot spring penguin :D. Highly recommended

    Samurai Champloo:
    a girl is searching for revenge against a sunflower samurai. She sets out to look for him just as her home town is thrown into chaos when a couple of captive samurai break out. Their paths intervein and the journey begins!
    Extremely good animation, best i have ever seen, matched only by hellsing OVA, great humor too although not regular enough and the drama isn't quite exciting enough to keep you watching episode by episode. Recommended.

    wolfs rain: It is uknown if this is a fictive world or in the distant future. Anyway the world is in a state of emergency, all life is doomed. Except for the wolves, who are the only ones who can find Paradise.
    Good animation and drama, but a complete absence of humor. Recommended just the same. at times very confusing.

    Kurosaki Ichigo was born able to see ghosts. In his teenage years he has done his best to help these ghosts. But one day another type of ghost appears, two types actually, the shinigami (death god) and the hollow. The shinigami, kuchici rukia, is there to help him, but distractions from this highly confused teenager leads to her defeat. The last hope is for Ichigo to borrow her powers, but instead he steals them. Thus a life of killing hollows and protecting the ghosts instead of just helping them begins. He also learns a lot more than he'd wish for about the Bleach equalients to heaven and hell. In time he journeys to heaven...
    very good animation, very good humor, very good drama. Very VERY recommended

    of the ones you listen by all means watch naruto. Though it'll only truly start capturing you after episode 15 (or so), but when it does i ended up watched all the episodes untill the fillers (episode 152 is the first filler) began in just one week. The most recommended, but by all means watch bleach too!
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    That sounds interesting.

    I've watched.
    Fate Stay Night.
    Action, Fantasy.
    Great animation, is an anime about a war betwen masters with their servants for the Holy Grail. Good fight scenes.
    It was made from a pc hentai novel, though it doesn't contain hentai scenes.
    Also there is a pc fighting game call Fatal Fake I think.

    Starting to watch Tsukihime.
    Seems very interesting.
    Action, Fantasy I think.
    About a boy named Shiki who can see the life lines of the people and can kill a person by destroying the lines.

    I've watched a lot more but don't remember right now.

    Uhm, Also the Saint Seiya ovas are being aired againg.
    They are in the underwolrd atm, fighting Hades and his minions.
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    I'll be sure to watch it later.

    I have that too, and I believe it's really good, but I didn't start seeing. I'm currently on Blue Seed.

    Yes, Shingetsutan Tsukihime is a good anime too, but I didn't like the ending (No, I'm not going to spoil it) cause I don't like those kinds of ending very much... Only my opinion, it was kind of enjoying but a little annoying in some parts.
  7. Silenus

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    I kind of know the ending of the series, but anyways I don't feel bad when a series end in a sad way.
  8. Caldron

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    Yes, but the ending is kind of annoying, only the movie "End of Evangelion" ends that trully and strongly... I used to love it. It's really good, nice going. I simply like RahXephon more, I don't know why

    That's right, Naruto rules starting around there... But now it's kinda annoying, fillers and fillers from 70 episodes ago... (currently on 216)

    Maybe that's true but that's not what I really meant, cause series like that tend to have a sad ending. I meant things that you simply don't get at all... I think series should explain the basics of the story completely.
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    Gundam Seed/Destiny
    War between Coordinators and Naturals. Awesome anime serie. Seed has 50 episodes and Seed Destiny has 50 episodes to. The anime can really make you emotionel at same time. Really recommend that one.

    Well same as everyone said. Tho i like to add that the fillers has finally ended. I really hope they go on with the normal story now instead of trow some rubish fillers at us.

    Full metal Panic/Fumoffu/Second raid
    Truly one of my favorite anime. It has a nice mix of action and humor. I really wish they would release more as the manga goes on from what i heard.
    Fumoffu is all about the humor part.
    And second raid is just like the normal FMP.

    Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    Definely not your average anime. The episodes aren't in chronological order.
    And i didn't really like it either. Theres total of 14 episodes. But the original story is only 6 episode and the rest are just to keep you entertained. Even after the end your left with a lot of questions.

    Love Hina
    Funny anime about keitaro and his promis. And the hardship he endures when he becomes manager. He takes physical abuse every episode from the girls. Awesome anime imo. Really liked it.

    Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai( this ugly yet beautifully world)
    Story about a 2 girls dropping on earth and getting adopted by a nice family. They lost there memory about there real reason for coming to earth. It's a okish anime. Not bad but doesn't stand out either. The girls are almost as adoreble as Nyuu from Elfen lied ^^
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    >> And second raid is just like the normal FMP.

    Not really, it has less humor, but it's darker and gorier. Not a bad thing though.
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    One Piece is also a good anime still at episode 5 but who cares.:innocent:

    its about a boy who wants to become the Pirat King.
    And thats all I figured out of 5eps:dead:

    Edit.:The main character (luffy) is just like Naruto for the people who watch naruto ;)

    It was a time when pirates ruled the seas. Several bands of pirates were battling over the great hidden treasure, One Piece, which was left by the now legendary pirate captain, G. Roger. Luffy is a young boy who mistakenly eats a devil fruit which imparts elasticity to his body. Ten years since that incident, with his new found ability, he sets off on his dream to be the best pirate in the world and find the legendary one piece.
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    for REAL? woohoo!
    sorry to be semi off topic :p
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    I've heard about it and I'm gonna watch it later too...

    Ah! My Goddess (my favourite) pictures:
  14. Caldron

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    Get Backers pictures:
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    Oh and One Piece has more than 300 episodes and is still being released...

    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:
  16. Kirby

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    School Rumble
    Rozen Maiden (eat my ****s Yeloazn)
    Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    Welcome to the NHK
    Azumanga Daioh
    2x2 Shinobuden

    I'm too lazy to make up summaries...look them up yourselves ;)

    btw...if anyone wants me to go onto h-anime, lemme know :)
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    Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (When Cicadas Cry) = Violence, murders, psychic violence, psychopaths.
  18. Proto

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    And despite what one may think, Higurashi is mainly a story about mistery, but overall a story about friendship and trust ... though one only discovers that in the final arcs :heh:
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    You should all be ashamed for not mentioning that anime.
    Shame on you.
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    Crayon Shinchan
    Flame of Recca
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    I recommend:

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