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Discussion in 'Xebra/Arbex Discussion' started by Damned536, Mar 9, 2012.

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    Hey everyone. I FINALLY got my new computer up and running after what seemed like forever. I have been trying out XEBRA with it and I am for the most part very pleased with the results, I have tried a few games out and most of them run near flawlessly. I do have a few questions though

    In some games like Metal Gears Solid, Brave Fencer Musashi, and Castlevania, Symphony of the Night, I get minor pops in the audio during parts with speech. In MGS, it also happens during the Konami opening (and it almost sounds like a galloping horse). My current settings for the audio are...


    I heard of some users who have fixed their poping audio problems completely by altering these values. I can tell they are sound buffer values, since if the value is put high enough, there is a noticeable delay of when a charcter does something, and when you hear the sound effect of it. However, when I cranked the values up to like 70000-90000, the problem just got worse. Anybody here have any advice as to what the values should be set to?

    Oh, and drycohdan, I checked out the discolored snow in MGS for you, and it appears as white for me. I'm still interested to see what it looks like for your screen though.

    Oh and finally my computer

    Intel i7 2700K @ 3.50 Ghz
    MSI Twin Frozr III Nvidia GEFORCE 570 GTX
    8 GB Corsair VENGEANCE @ 1333 Mhz
    Integrated Realtek audio
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

    EDIT: Oh, probably should've mentioned this, but music by itself plays fine. Poping only occurs with speech.

    EDIT2: Another question, why is it that XEBRA creates another OSROM file, despite the fact that I already have put a PSX BIOS into the folder containing XEBRA and renamed it as OSROM.
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  3. Damned536

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    Well, I tried like hell yesterday and today to fix my audio poping issues in XEBRA with VA games like Metal Gear Solid and Brave Fencer Musashi, but to no avail. I tried changing the min/mid/max values all the way from 5000 to 190000 and no matter what settings I use, the poping refuses to go away. Changing the SPAN value did not work either.

    Like I said, I already tried games with just background music and those worked fine. Also tried run 2, changed the video settings to frameskip, turned off progressive and nearest, nothing works. I still have yet to get a slowdown in run 1 mode as well, FPS is constantly at 60, and my CPU usage has not gone above 20%. This leads me to believe that it is not my computer's fault, but a fault on XEBRA's end.

    This emulator is absolutely amazing, and has fixed almost all the problems with sound inaccuracies and other graphics issues I've had, but it is a crying shame I can't seem to get non poping audio in VA heavy games like Metal Gear Solid. Seems to me that the eternal plugin is the only one that got it right when it came to smooth audio. If only this emulator did not pop audio during talking segments in games, it would be virtually flawless.

    I should also note that, the poping is minor, its nothing major, but it is still noticeable to the point where it is a little annoying. Metal Gear Solid also seems to have quite a bit of poping in the very beginning song, the one where the Konami logo is showing up. Other than that, no skipping, stuttering, or crackling. Just audio pops.
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    Hello Damned536,

    I would try arbex with these settings for sound.


    BTW: ARBEX is in the same directory as XEBRA.

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