Best graphics plugin?

Discussion in 'Project 64 Discussion' started by Millium, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Millium

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    Currently, what is the best graphics plugin available for Project 64?
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  3. Clements

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    Depends on your video card primarily, and which game you are playing.

    - Glide64 probably supports the most games with fewer graphical glitches right now. It supports motion blur, hardware framebuffer, and dithered alpha among others.

    - Jabo's D3D8 1.6 works well with most of the popular games and has slightly lower requirements.

    - Rice's Video/Glide64 can use Hi-resolution texture replacements. Rice's Video is required to play a handful of games properly and at a playable frame rate.

    - Direct64 supports hardware framebuffer, dithered alpha and overscan simulation, and works well with the games it can support if you have a good enough video card.

    - glN64() works very well with certain video cards that aren't so good with the other plugins that require pixel shaders.

    - Jabo's D3D6 1.5.2 works well with old video cards and integrated graphics.
  4. Squall-Leonhart

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    :( unfortunately there are several known issues regarding HWFBE on cards newer then the GeForce FX

    i would have to say, that now, the best plugin available is Glide64 Wonder ++ with the included glide > opengl wrapper

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