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    So, I was going through the help file for no$psx and found this very interesting feature (that I don't think I've seen in any other emulator) that allows booting an expansion ROM image file (ie. a ROM from a GameShark or similar).
    According to the help file, you load these same as a CDROM file.
    Unfortunately, I tried 2 different ROMs (GameShark 2.42 and GameShark Pro 3.2) and both stay in a black screen in paused state. If I understand the help correctly, this is due to GPU not being ready. This can be skipped, but I haven't found how.

    So, my questions are:
    1-Am I doing the right thing to try and get this started? (I have a PS1 BIOS file, and a GS ROM file which I load from File > Load Diskimage
    2-How do I skip that 'GPU not being ready' as mentioned in the no$psx help?
    3-Has anyone tried expansion ROM files? I plan to try several of them, but at the moment mostly interested in Gameshark specifically.

    Thanks in advance.
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