Can't get epsxe to work!! Please Help!

Discussion in 'ePSXe Discussion' started by liquidmettle, Jan 10, 2017.

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    I've been trying for a whole day now to get epsxe to work on my windows pc and it's just problem after problem.. After finding and fixing most of them i'm stuck here now. When I boot up an ISO the rom seems to not be hosting it (No playstation startup screen before the game starts). I have the proper file in the proper folder like i'm supposed to and when I go to run just the BIOS the playstation startup acts normal and takes me to the memory card/cd player main menu. I've even tried to change disc from that screen and start the ISO but it does nothing. Whats more is when I'm booted into my ISO (Xenogears disc 1) Once it hits a certain screen in the intro the screen just goes black and flashes, the audio is still moving on with the game but the graphics are failing. I recently booted epsxe on my android and it was the easiest thing ever. Not sure why it's so difficult for pc.. so many problems.
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    if it is ISO format that's likely your issue.. PSX games need to be CCD or bin/cue format..I've never gotten one in ISO to work correctly

    also check to make sure x1 is checked under options/cpu overclock

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