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    you have 2 levels to choose from, you can either go to the gameboy, which is a common step, or you can try Chip 16, which is pretty much a direct step up, more instructions, better graphics system (although very similar) and an ADSR wavetype sound processing rather than just a beep :)
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    I have heard the original gameboy is a good step up from the chip 8, giving a balance of complexity but not impossible - try giving that a go.
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    The NES is also a good choice, if you ignore the mappers to start with (so you'd be limited to 32KByte and smaller games). There are a lot of good games that don't use any at all (Donkey Kong, Balloon Fight, Super Mario Bros. 1, etc.). The 6502 CPU is arguably a bit simpler than the Gameboy CPU, but the overall timing of the NES hardware is a little more complex than the Gameboy (and games are more sensitive to timing bugs than the Gameboy).
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    Over a year later, a new post arrives...

    I've remade my emu and now it has sound, yay! Also, there's C16 support while at it.

    To use it, just drag and drop the rom.

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