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Discussion in 'Misc PSX Discussion' started by Carol Yockey, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. Carol Yockey

    Carol Yockey New Member

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    Is CVGS compatible with Windows 7?
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  3. Erzesel

    Erzesel Master of Eselhimmel

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    Yes it works with Win 7,...more or less with Patches...
    (I can not remember ever in an emulator so often pressed the "Affengriff"" [ctrl+alt+del])

    capture_22082015_155150.jpg capture_22082015_151025.jpg capture_22082015_151139.jpg capture_22082015_152853.jpg capture_22082015_153044.jpg

    Whow... the Screenies looking better than the Original...seems my grabber is better then the Emu :p
    Hope not too much of this emulator.
    VGS has today still nostalgic importance, at best.
    As for compatibility so this was overestimated.
    Today's emulators are far better.
    If you want to try out VGS, Google VGS Video Patch XP 1.4.
    Attention, there are plenty of rogue/scam sites which could you foist unwanted.

    But see it only as Experiment. Playing with VGS is horrible!

    pSX1.3 have near the same Look and Feel as the poor old VGS and is much more compatible.

    If you want to Play use ePSXe (without a Installer) or PCSXR (without a installer and never from a scam-side) know what I mean;)!

    If you don't find a good source ask later once.
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  4. Carol Yockey

    Carol Yockey New Member

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    Thanks for this.
  5. dpence

    dpence New Member

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    just thought I'd throw in the update, vgs works perfectly well with windows 10...
    just have to set the main vgs 1.4.1 to win95 comp and through in the ddraw and d3dimm dlls from dgvoodoo2 into the temp folder where tbkxfs.dat is placed (I actually put them in both the temp and vgs folder) thought sound was not working but win 10's mixer had the volume all the way down. Threw in MGS, which I remember being hard for it to emulate back in the day and it played perfectly, timing was perfect, all the motion blur was there.. it is butt ugly of course cause it is PS original resolution...

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