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Discussion in 'Problems with Games' started by therollerskate, Dec 23, 2016.

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    I FINALLY got Micro Maniacs to work. It's an 8 player game, using both multitabs. I can get all the controllers working (I'm using an Xbox One USB adapter, for 8 Xbox one Controllers).

    However, every time I exit eSPX and start it back up, the settings for the controllers seem to reset and I have to go back in to each controller to make sure they're set correctly. Most of them are right, but some of them seem to get lost.
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    I noticed a similar issue with gpu settings resetting to defaults:

    Whenever saving the settings below to a profile for a certain game

    the Threading mode resets to the default "accurate mode" the next time the game is opened, which causes lag in 2D games:

    This forces me to delete profiles for game using the settings, so that the Threading mode setting remains unchanged.

    As far as I know, ePSXe doesn't currently save input settings to a profile like it does with the rest of the settings.

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