Convert AdriPSX .mem saves to Memory Card (.mcr)

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    Before the start:
    The old guide used to be massive and involved hex editing along with many other useless stuff.
    I decided to code a small application that will do all that dirty work by itself.
    This should enable users to easily convert their AdriPSX saves to PSEmu Pro compatible ones without much hassle.

    Getting started:
    This guide is not for converting savestates, it's for converting saves made by the in-game save feature.

    Enable Memory Card emulation by pressing F3 and save your game.
    Go to mems directory and you should see a .mem file with
    country, production code and identifier (eg. BASCUS-94163FF7-S01.mem).

    That's the save file you will be converting.

    Start a converter:
    Unpack the "Mem to Mcr converter" (attached) and put it in some directory on your pc.
    Start it, press Open and choose the save you want to convert.


    You can now see the information about your save.

    Convert a Memory Card:

    Press Convert button, choose a name for the new memory card and press save.

    If it's all gone well you should see a "Conversion complete" message.
    And that's it, your save should now be converted.

    If you think that I should add/correct something or if you have any other suggestions feel free to send me a PM.
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