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Discussion in 'ePSXe Discussion' started by deanomuso, Dec 26, 2016.

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    Hey everyone!

    I'm not sure anybody can help me with this as its a pretty un-needed option for most users...

    but I currently have my old PC hooked up to my CRT TV, and I use a special scart connector to convert the PC signal down to low resolutions like 240p etc.....This means when I run the ePSXe emulator I turn off all the super duper fx and scalers and filters, I literally just run everything in its native ps1 settings...So I set the resolution to 320 x 240 and it displays PERFECTLY for most games......I even run ANOTHER CRT TV next to it with an actual PS1 running the same game to double check that its all displaying perfectly like the original hardware.

    The problem I am facing is as you all know, certain PS1 games have different resolutions, which means I manually have to change it each time to suit the game!

    Is there anyway to have custom settings for each game? I even tried copying the ePSXe folder and having TWO versions of the emulator, each with its own settings, but ePSXe is not portable and so there is no main config file!! Instead it stores this in the registry!

    Can anybody help? Is there a way I can perhaps write a .bat file and put some special coding in it to make it change the resolution on its own?

    Any ideas would be appreciated thanks!
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  3. dpence

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    shortcuts... if I recall you can set the iso(very sure), resolution(not as sure, been a while since I saw the list), etc, via shortcut commands
  4. SquishyPotatoe

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    You can try to save profiles for each game you are running.
    Configure the gpu settings for one game, then save the profile. Rinse and repeat for al your games.
    Or you could copy one config file and just edit in notepad, then rename the copies to the disknumber the game corresponds to.
  5. Abrimaal

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    I have a similar problem, if not the same as @deanomuso
    I put every game in a separate folder, together with the emu and its files.
    I rename the emulator .exe file for each game to ePSXe_Gamename.exe
    When I change options (gamepad keys, resolution, sound etc.) for one game, they are changed for all games.
    How can I save a profile (the option Save Profile is inactive) and run it from command line?
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  6. amgreenhawk

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    Or just use ePSXeCutor front-end. Very convenient to create custom profiles. All settings are saved individually :

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