Do these old Desktop PCs still have any uses?

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion' started by sonicfoot, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. sonicfoot

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    We have two old Desktop PCs at work. One with an "AMD Phenom 9150e Quad Core (1.8GHz)" and one with "AMD Athlon Dual Core 5200B (2.7GHz)" I think they have about 2gig DDR2 ram, either Vista or Win7 for an OS.
    Im wondering if these would still have some use, not for gaming, but other general stuff, like office/homework, web browsing, youtube 1080p video, online streaming etc.
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  3. Robert

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    Should be fine for office/homework, using a scanner and printer, etc. Vista isn't really supported much now, but Win7 is fine. You might need to upgrade your browser to be able view all web sites correctly.
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  4. dpence

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    they'd work really well for a home server as well... stick in a large HDD and store movies, music, pictures, etc for sharing across the home network
  5. Hard core Rikki

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    Low-maintainance web clients.

    Throw a linux install there, browse websites and learn linux tropes. Pretty much all casual uses can be done using web apps like Gmail, locally installed apps are slowly going out.

    You can keep the desktop cases discretely stashed away, and use long wires for monitors/mouse/keyboard/usb so you can keep tables free of clutter. Very popular setup in offices, its like you got one of those fancy 'All-in-one' macs that include everything the entire computer in the monitor. It also saves some space, so it might be seen as an improvement even despite keeping otherwise old machines in use (as long as the monitors are large/decent enough).

  6. Samor

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    I guess, but they probably score relatively low on power efficiency.
  7. Lasnap

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    lol love seeing a see of Thinkpads like that as I currently own a Thinkpad T420 that works well for basic tasks for me. Once I get my new laptop thinking of either selling/giving it to a family memeber or turning it into a HTPC for the bedroom. If I give/sell it I am going to add in a 128gb mSATA SSD and replace the keboard since it has several dead keys. $100 to do that so not to big of an expense. currently has a 500gb hdd that iwll be kept for storage if I install the ssd and slap on a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro

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