don't think i will get a reply but what is a good emulator for.....

Discussion in 'Nintendo Handhelds' started by Ryan1988, Apr 20, 2017 at 9:20 AM.

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    Mario and Luigi partners in time and Mario and Luigi Bowser's inside story?

    Any emulator able to play the games at 100% or close to it?
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  3. acdbrn2000

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    So in the No$ thread on this very site supposedly no$ handles mario and luigi partners in time

    and user smiley posted
    so probably that one as well should hopefully work

    To be fair I only tend to emulate my DS games on my android tablet since I am not a huge fan of the touch screen - mouse the desktops kinda have to do. I do know DraStic will run them as well but DraStic is not free and android only.

    also if this is helpful you should thank smiley and the Nicolai25 over in the No$ compatibility thread, since they did the work of testing.
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