Driver of ps2 controller usb adapter?

Discussion in 'PCSX2 Forum' started by Shers, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Shers

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    hi people,i check this emulator with my ps2 controler dualshock and the option of vibration no worked,i think happen this for no install the cd of driver usb controller adapter(i lost the cd) and my question is exist a driver,plugin or site for download the driver?

    the box of adapter only say usb universal serie bus...
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  3. thelittlegumnut

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    if its only vibration then i wouldnt worry too much especially if analog is ok. Most of the time it is something to do with the emulator and can be a bit weird the options you must set. But the driver is not the problem if the analog is working and everything else is except the vibration but if it matters that much search motioninjoy go to the homepage of motioninjoy drivers and follow the directions. then vibration should work on most emulators.

    but if you have any issues such as there is still no vibration then please reply because it is most likely the classic missing vibration dll file for 32 bit motioninjoy drivers.

    motioninjoy is compatible with a lot of emulators which perhaps the default driver software for your controller and adapter might not be.
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  4. KrossX

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    Without the driver, a PS2 controller (USB adapter) can work just fine as any other USB dual analog controller. But yes, you'll have no rumble at all. Maybe you could try some generic drivers, but I wouldn't bet on it...

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