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    Let me start by saying that I'm new to SCP and PCSX2. I'm using my DS3 controller and it's connected, all the buttons and analogs work fine but I can't figure out why the DualShock 3 native mode is grayed out on my PCSX2 API list. I have lilypad svn 0.11.0 (R5875) in the plugins folder for my PCSX2 directory (I kept the original lilypad.dll on my desktop just incase). I've placed XInput1_3.dll into the main directory as the instructions for SCP says (Followed the install and update instructions thoroughly); the API remained grayed out, I changed the name and it was still grayed out. I've tried both the Win32 and Win64 XInput1_3.dll to no avail. I've attached a screenshot, although I have no idea if it'll be any help or not. I greatly appreciate any help with this issue.
    Sidenote: the "SCP_XInput1_3.dll" and "XInput1_3.dll" (both from Win64)were just placed there in my latest attempt to get the Dualshock 3 API
    PCSX2 DS3 Native.png
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