ePSXe can't view files via "run game"

Discussion in 'ePSXe Android Discussion' started by Brentwise, Dec 7, 2016.

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    I'm running on a Pixel, Android version 7.1.

    For some reason, whenever I go to "run game," I can't view any files. The file explorer works just fine when trying to select a bios, but shows nothing when trying to select a game.

    I just installed it so it should be the most recent update. I've tried reinstalling. Storage permissions for the app are turned on. I can't find anything via google.

    Any idea for how to fix this?
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  3. Josh86

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    I have to ask to make sure...are your disc images in a file format espxe can see? Make sure they are .bin/.cue, .img, or the like. I don't believe they've added support for the emulator to play compressed/zip files -- you have to extract them first. Some images may use .ecm compression as well, I'm not sure if epsxe added support for those or not -- that's an even more complicated matter if you aren't familiar with it.

    Epsxe should automatically discover your games for you if you are using the game list or game details mode -- so if it's not doing that, I would suspect your files aren't in a format the emulator can see.

    That said...if you know all the above...

    At the very least I would think the file browser (see below) could navigate to any folder on your system. If you've already located a bios file to use, I wouldn't think any access issues are the problem.

    It might be worth a shot if you haven't tried this. I am on a very different android version and device than you, and had a much much more complicated problem, but I thought I'd share.

    In the main settings menu, try setting the game browser mode (near bottom of settings list) to "browser files" if you haven't already. This will show a explorer type menu system rather than the graphical UI with album art. You may be able to select your game file right from there. If you can browse to the directory where your images/games are being kept try switching the mode to game list with the button at the top. Perhaps it will populate the list then.

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