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    OK so I have seen a few threads about the Legend of Dragoon Black Screen
    problems linked to the Save State function mostly. I played the game for
    almost 15 hours before it happened to me & I did not want to loose all
    those hours of gameplay lol, especially since I saved up 16,000 gold
    before I got to Lohan where I encountered my first Black Screen bug.
    The Screen turned Black entering various buildings mostly the shops.

    I have used emulators for years for most of the systems & I have used
    the ePSXe for quite a while now too. I have played many games on it most
    without problems. Right now I am using ePSXe V 1.9.25.
    (I will post my system specs & settings at the bottom)

    I have played FF7, FF8, FF9, Resident Evil 1 & 2, Dino Crisis, Castlevania SOTN,
    & a few others without any problems using the save States & Memory card functions.
    I just started playing The Legend of Dragoon about a week ago & made it to Lohan
    without issues, but once inside Lohan I noticed a problem. Certain buildings
    mostly the shops would never load, the music continued to play but got the Black
    Screen like many others have had happen at various parts in this game. So far this
    has only happened here for me but I found a sollution which allowed me to keep my
    Save States & get past the problem.

    I have a habbit of saving using Save States & using the Memory Card just to be safe.
    I will save in Slot 1 than 20 minutes later I will save in Slot 2, 20 mins after
    that I will save in Slot 3, than Slot 4, than Slot 5, than back to Slot 1. I will also
    save using the Memory Card frequently & usually have 2-3 saves on the Memory Card as
    well doing the same thing, this way if I miss something in the game or run into a
    problem I can go back to an earlier point to fix it.

    This is what I did to fix it...

    So I loaded my Save State which was saved right before I entered the shop & the screen
    turned Black. I left the city & went outside to the world Map & saved using the Memory
    Card. I than exited & closed the ePSXe, than re opened it & ran the Game (Legend of
    Dragoon). I than loaded the Memory Card Save went back into Lohan & was able to enter
    all the buildings I could not before. But had I loaded using the Save State first the
    Screen would have turned Black. So save frequently & save using the Memory Card as well.
    You CAN use the Save States safely this way.

    Here are my Computer Specs

    AsRock G41M-S
    Core 2 Quad Extreme 3 Ghz 1333 Bus speed
    4 Gigs DDR2 1066 Ram (Kingston Hyper X)
    ATI Radeon 5670 1 Gig DDR5 (Video Card)
    (Using CCC Crimson Beta V 16.2.1 Video Driver)
    Windows 10

    Here are my ePSXe settings

    Petes PSX D3D Driver 1.77
    Fullscreen 1680 x 1050
    32 bit Color Depth

    Texture quality: R8 G8 B8 A8- Best colors, more RAM needed
    Hi Res textures: 2:Streched (filtering needed)
    Texture filtering: 6: Extended + smoothed sprites
    Gfx card vram: 128

    Use FPS limit checked (mine is set to 200 but 30-60 is probly fine)

    Off-Screen drawing: 3: Enhanced - shows more stuff
    Advanced blending: 2: Hardware - Fast, not all cards support it
    Framebuffer textures: 3: Gfx card & software - slow
    Framebuffer acccess: 4: Full software drawing (FVP)

    Alpha Multipass- checked
    Mask bit- checked

    Unfiltered framebuffer updates- checked
    Special game fixs checked ~

    (Inside Special game fixs)
    Use old texture filtering- checked
    Ignore black brightness color- checked
    Remove blue glitches- checked
    Use PC fps calculation- checked
    G4 polygon cache- checked
    Special upload detection- checked
    Mixed software FB access- checked
    Fake 'gpu busy' states- checked

    (NOTE I did not turn on the special fixes until I had the problem)

    If your Computer is not up to snuff to run some of the settings at their best
    like I am just turn them down 1 at a time until it runs smoothly.
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