ePSXe problem on linux mint 18 x64

Discussion in 'ePSXe Compatibility' started by brane, Sep 7, 2016.

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    I got mint mate 18 installed on my old laptop and i can't get epsxe to run on it. First of all I tried the x64 version of epsxe 2.0.5 which does work after installing dependencies but it doesn't support pete's gpu and sound plugins which are 32bit only so then I tried the 32bit version which runs but the gui won't appear for some reason. I know it runs since when ran from terminal it says:
     * Running ePSXe emulator version 2.0.5.
    And it's also present as a process in the system monitor.
    I've also tried older versions 1.9 and 1.6 and got the same result. Anyone has an idea what I should do?
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  3. SolisX

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    Chances are your missing some dependency. Make sure you have all the necessary 32bit libraries for a multilib system.

    You may want to at the article below.
  4. brandleesee

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    you have to install
    • libsdl1.2debian
    • libsdl-ttf2.0-0
    [edit] I provided an incorrect link; since I cannot find it, I'll leave the research to you.
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