ePSXe random lag?

Discussion in 'Software Discussion' started by TheTerrorOfDeath581, Jun 22, 2016.

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    I've had ePSXe on my laptop for about 3 years now and have had no issues out of it until now. I hadn't used the emulator in a while, but I got the itch to play Tekken 3 today, so I loaded it up and the game played fine until, BAM. It started randomly stuttering in both video and audio. The lag is completely inconsistent and happens with every game. It seems to just happen completely randomly for no reason, and will sometimes last only a few seconds, whereas it can last multiple minutes other times before it stops just as randomly as it started. I use the soft video plugin and even hook my laptop up to an old CRT TV for the most accurate emulation experience possible, but this is seriously getting in the way. I've tried multiple versions of the emulator and changed several settings in my plugins but nothing seems to work. I know my system is more than capable of running the emulator fine, as it was working fine just a few weeks ago. Any clue what could be bugging me? I'm at my wit's end...:(
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    Have you cheked if anything is spiking in CPU Usage when you get the slowdows? Only thing I could think of that would cause problems since a potato would run thte emulator perfectly fine.

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