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    Hi guys, i'm new here.

    So i'm using an Android Device as platform to play ePSXe, and when i saved my file i quit the game, i try to clean my cache and Miscellaneous file, in Miscellaneous file there's ePSXe data about 1-5MB size, and i thought it's okay to delete it which is i did, and i got happy because when i play my games again my saved file is gone :D (of course i got pissed off not happy)

    So, i thought it was a memory direction is the problem, so i changed it to my External SD card, and i tried it again, twice, and got the same result. and now i'm too afraid to touch that ePSXe in my miscellaneous file.......

    So, do you guys can help me ? some explanation maybe ?
    (Sorry for bad english/grammar, still learning some)
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