Error can't open sound handler (try -nosound)

Discussion in 'ePSXe Discussion' started by Mianame, Jan 23, 2008.

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    Sorry if this is a repeat post. I tried dearching for a similar thread but couldn't find it.

    I was playing the emulator last night and today just fine. Then when I came back to it and restarted the emulator a few minutes ago it said this when I tried to run the CD Rom: "Error can't open sound handler (try -nosound)"

    Now it is a new game that I tried, but it ran fine once before doing this. Then the rest of my game wouldn't work as well.

    I tried a bunch of options and it seems it only happens when I have "Enable Sound (Select to enable ADPCM sound)" ticked in the config sound window. Of course then if I turn it off I don't get any sound.

    Could anyone help?

    Sorry, I figured out the problem. It had nothing to do with epsxe, just something with my computer.
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    Could you say what you found???
    It just started happening to me today
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