Final Fantasy IX, saving and disc 3

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    Hey guys, I have a problem with saving my progress in FF9 and proceeding to disc 3. The game provides the option to save, ( after Dagger looks away from the castle at the end of disc 2). However after I have saved (overwrite) and switched to disc 3 my progress seems to be at a point far back, therefore I'm unable to continue. Btw, I save at every stage but now I have to fight two bosses all over again. Soulcage D: and Amarant.

    I'm using ePSXe 1.7.0
    I basically did the same steps when switching to disc 2. I simply unzipped the archieve containing disc 2, took the .img and placed it into my "ePSXe emulator" folder. where locating it is easiest when I "run ISO".

    My current solutions to the problem includes,
    1. Using an updated version of the ePSXe
    2. Saving the game in memory card 2.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please don't give me a webpage with all solutions as I'm a total noob C: I have also referred to a page in that has many solutions but I think mine is different. Thank you
    Below is a picture of my files

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    How come you're still on 1.7?
    Try the original 1.9 (not the updated 1.9) since certain hacks don't work with it yet.

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