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    Hello, All!

    fMSX-Android 4.7.5 is now online and ready for you to download: -- free version -- full version -- on Aptoide -- in Opera Store

    This release adds the "Automatic" audio sampling rate setting that lets the emulator pick the optimal sampling rate and buffer size reported by Andorid OS. This should provide you with the minimal possible latency from the Android itself. I have also heavily optimized GLES shaders used for scaling and special effects. See below for all the changes.

    * Optimized OpenGLES shaders used in scaling algorithms and filters.
    * Added "Audio | Sampling Rate | Automatic" option for best available sound.
    * Always using optimal rate and buffer size when "Automatic" selected.
    * Added "Audio | Sampling Rate" options for 24kHz and 48kHz sound.


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