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Discussion in 'Visualboy Advance Discussion' started by Pitchblaktoxic, Aug 30, 2008.

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    In VBA link (1.7.2,) when i try and trade (in the poke center) between Emerald, leaf green or fire red, i do everything, asks me to save, saves fine, but then when it gets to the please wait or press B to cancel, the first VBA window freezes and screetches. The second is fine, i can press b to cancel and it cancels, but the first one just freezes.

    EDIT: i tried VBA link 1.8 beta 0 but when i try to load my save it just goes purple.

    Any one know what i can do? i really want to trade between my games :(

    ok, i tried 1.8 again and it kinda worked, it loaded my game ect, but when im about to trade they say "we're sorry but we currently can't trade with trainers in a far away region"??

    is there an Emerald save editor so i can just edit in the pokemon i want?

    EDIT 2: I found Circo's pokemon maker and I got myself some pokemon !!
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    you must use VBA-L 1.73 with firered and leaf green.

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