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Discussion in 'Game Reviews' started by refraction, Jun 25, 2007.

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    Normal forum rules apply in here as everywhere else.

    When writing your review, make sure it's worth it! Quality over quantity. It can be short or long, as long as it's informative, i dont want to see threads like

    threads like such will be deleted, maybe without warning, if you're lucky ;)

    But as i say keep them informative, to the point, though you have no need to drag it out. You can make a new thread if a game already has a review, but ONLY if you have a completely different take on it, if you have a similar view, or just something small to add, put it in the existing thread.

    What would also be good is if you used some form of tag to show what system it is for. for example (as pointed out by Cid), see the Review Template sticky as an example.

    Theft will not be tollerated, if we find any reviews which are copied from other websites and are not yours, it will be removed and you will recieve a warning.

    Lastly, no spamming! This is not a spam forum, treat it as you would any other.
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