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    Hello... The first thing I want to say is that no$psx is by far the most fantastic tool/emulator for debugging and dissecting psx games I've worked with so far. Especially the VRAM viewer showing the exact location of the graphic elements and how the layers blend together is incredibly helpful.
    However a feature that I either just haven't found or is simply missing is the simple ability to actually save what is shown in the vram viewer. So far doing manual screenshots of the desktop is the only possible way, but as the window is freely scalable and doesn't keep the original aspect ratio when doing so, more often than not screenshots of the displayed textures end up warped. To get the lower right display window to show the textures at their original 256x256 resolution the window has to be scaled to exactly 1605x1035 px, and then I can just use printscreen and go from there but it's still just really fiddly.
    If it was possible to just grab whatever is displayed in that lower right viewer in original resolution would make No$psx pretty much the perfect tool for ripping textures sprites and beasically all other kinds of graphics.
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