gPSP's *.SVS Save State to VBA's *.SGM?

Discussion in 'Nintendo Handhelds' started by Kakaru, Dec 25, 2008.

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    I can't import the .SAV file from the game and import it to VBA as an battery file because the emulator doesn't save/corrupts every time I close the emulator[gPSP]. Then only way to even get close to accessing the file is through the save state but I cannot get it to load. The freeze starts right after I beat the first Mercury Djinn in Golden Sun 1. Every PSP GBA emulator freezes at this point so I can't just use another emulator to fix the problem.

    I can obviously skip the djinn, but missing it kind of sucks since I would like to keep elementals to the person's strengths. Rather than mix a fire elemental with a water elemental and screw over his/her spells.

    tl/dr: SVS -> SGM Converter, anyone have one?
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    omg i was looking for the same thing. i can't get my gpsp .sav 64kb to open with vba172.

    but tbh i don't think svs would work since it was only a save state, you would probably need the actual save file...i could be totally wrong if it worked in cases of other emulators.
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  4. cyclonmaster

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    gpsp 0.9(official) + VBA 1.80 savestate work well and transferable. Other version than this some will work and some not.
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    Another solution anyone, cuz i can't find the official gpSP anywhere.
    On a side note if you open a savestate (sgm) with rar you'll notice inside there's a file without extension (altough i've tried renaming it to svg, no results)
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    I had the same problem

    i know how you feel i experiencd the same problem and i fixed by using this method you need. visual boy advance 1.8.0 you also need wifi and winscp or your personal preference (if you have roms to begin with you most likely have this anyway).
    Yea i had the same problem and your right it isnt the ROM because i used two different ones that i played untill the first mercury djinn. I did find out how to bypass it's a pain though you need make a save using the menu on golden sun not the emulater it will be have to be a .sav file. you then need to download visual boy advance 1.8.0 or the current one. you then use winscp or whatever you prefer to move the .sav file and the golden sun ROM into the same folder. open the ROM with the Visualboy by opening it with visual boy advance or by opening visual boy advance and opening the rom from there. then you play the rom untill the menu screen and there should be a continue option load it do what you need to do and then save it using the golden sun menu once again. now delete the save file on the iphone and transfer the new one to the phone. open it up by the rom not a save state and tada you got the djinn and no problems.
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    Savestates are not compatible with VBA. Programming this support or a convertor is non-trivial. Savegame backup files (ending in .sav) are often compatible, but VBA still has problems loading some of gpSP's for some reason, especially if they're only 32KB large since gpSP thinks the game is 32KB SRAM and VBA thinks it's 64KB SRAM.

    Hopefully whatever version of gpSP you're using still has the option to automatically write back savegames as they're modified. So look for that option and enable it and see if your .savs are good.
  8. Shermanofcby

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    i did exactly as i said above i know that .sav and save states are incompatible but for some unkown reason to me you can open the .sav with the continue option on the golden sun main screen that is how i got around the current problem it is the same as creating a save file on your iphone instead of a save state the option isnt there to boot from it but you can continue from it
  9. FTW1992

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    Step by Step Tutorial for gpsphone and VBA gameplay and Saving.

    alright. usually i don't reply to anything i see but people here sound stumped. So i will share what has frequently worked for me. Firstly if you want to continue playing your game from your gpsphone on the computer vice versa i recommend the following steps. When you go to save do not save under menu, save like you would playing on a normal gameboy i.e. savepoints throughout the game. (Example: Castlevania has save points you would go to one and then save. Final Fantasy you press start when your on the world map, not in towns or dungeons for some games, and hit the save button.) now follow these steps exactly how i list them or else your results may not work.
    1. download WinSCP and iFunBox here. those programs will be a main key in transferring your .sav files. (i will explain the .sav files later on)
    2. Once you have your programs downloaded plug your ipod in.
    3a. once your ipod is plugged in open up iFunBox first. it will connect you to your ipod. this step is crucial. if you do not have WiFi go to step 3b.
    3b. When you get to a wifi place go to cydia and search Open SSH, and Afc2add, these programs will let you bypass the WiFi settings and still let you use WinSCP. if you don't have these file you CANNOT use winscp.
    4. now that you have opened ifunbox immediately click USB Tunnel. If you don't see your files or ipod for that matter show up on that screen, then you did not follow step 3b.
    5. after you click on usb tunnel it will direct you to the screen on the right on it will have a long number i.e. right under PC Address. highlight it and save it under notepad. minimize the screen DO NOT EXIT SCREEN!!!
    6. Now open up WinSCP. In the Host Name box type in the numbers you saved in notepad. (example: DO NOT put the :## under host name, that goes under Port Number. (example: 22) NOT :22 just 22.
    7. Under username type in root and under password type in alpine.
    8. Finally click login, it will pop up a white screen and show you the process of logging into your ipod, for some of you it may stop and ask you for the password. The password is still alpine. I strongly urge you guys to hit the save button before you click login, it will help you login a lot faster.
    9. Finally it will open up and will show you a left side and a right side screen. On the left side shows you the your computer files, the right side your ipod files. On the right side go to var/media/mobile/ROMs/GBA/.
    10a. This part is really important. first take the game file that you want i.e. castlevania double or .gba and drag it onto your desktop. if it shows an error message follow step 10b.
    10b. go to options and the preferences. under preferences, on the left side find transfer and click on Drag & Drop. Check the following boxes: Allow moving from... and Use Shell Extensions this will enable you to drag stuff from your ipod onto your desktop.
    11. After you your drag your .zip or .gba file you need to find the .sav file. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT mistake the .svs for the .sav. the .svs files are for your ipod only just as the .sgm files are for visual boy advanced.
    12a. Once you have dragged the .sav file onto your desktop rename it to .SAV. (example castlevania doublepack.SAV) this will enable you to use it. WARNING if both of those files are not in the same folder or place, if you decided to put them elsewhere then your desktop, the .sav file will be useless. You need to put your .zip/.gba file and .SAV file in one place.
    12b. the reason why you also relable the .sav file is because when you download the roms they are automatically wrong. the file on your ipod actually should be .SAV instead of .sav.
    13. Now to test it all out, and after you do this rate me on how well this tutorial worked, i want to see if it actually helped because i might make a video to post on youtube. the more rates the more i will make videos.
    14. Open up Visual Boy Advanced. Go to the place you put your files, for me its my desktop. First drag your .zip/.gba file and drop it onto the black screen of your Visual Boy Advance.
    16. Now go to your save point that i talked about early on in this tutorial do not save through visual boy advanced. because it will save it as a .sgm file and will not be able to be played on gpsphone.
    17. Here's what happens when you save it and why both files need to be in the same place. Just like when you saved your game using the checkpoint system on your gpsphone it saved the game under the .sav file. when you moved that file and relabeled the file to .SAV it made it possible for Visual Boy Advanced to save your in-game progress using that .SAV file.
    18. Save using the checkpoint system and close out of Visual Boy Advanced.
    19. If you closed out of WinSCP open it again, if You Closed out of iFunbox also go through steps 3-10 again.
    20. now drag your .zip/.gba file back into var/mobile/media/ROMs/GBA/ it might say overwrite click Yes to All or Yes.
    21. Almost done...
    22. Now drag your .SAV file into the same folder and DO NOT RELABLE relable it to .sav. you should only have one .SAV file make sure to check to know which one you want to keep and which one(s) you want to delete. You should only have one .SAV file and it should be .SAV.
    23. close out of everything and now you can continue your game on your gpsphone.
    24. repeat these steps if you want to play back and forth using gpsphone and VBA.

    I hope this was information and solves your problems if i have made any errors please comment, if you like this tutorial please comment. Good Luck!!!
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