Hallo friends,CAN ANYONE HELP ME ? am Unable to play Dead or Alive 2 in my PC !!!!!!!

Discussion in 'nullDC Discussion' started by ratulb06, May 12, 2012.

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    Have used Null Dc v1.0.0 beta build 1.6.The games Soul calibur,Final Fantasy is running fine..but DEAD or alive 2 is not even loading oO. It's a cdi Image. My Pc specs are
    processor : Amd athlon 64 X2 Dual core processor 4600 +2.41 ghz
    OS : WIN XP/WIN 7 (dual boot)
    RAM : 1 gb
    video card : Nvidea geforce 9500 gt
    Direct x version : 9
    Asking this question for so long time in so many places but no one is able to answer it...some says 1 gb memory is not enough...but the requirements to play this game in pc says 512 mb or higher,moreover I've seen my friends to play this game in their PC's with 512mb & 1 GB RAM.
    PLEASE HELP GUYS,I HAVE DONE EVERYTHING TO PLAY THIS GAME...HAVE SPEND NEARLY 10 months in search of an ANSWER...any kind of help will be appreciated greatly.THANK U ALL IN ADVANCE....
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    anyone know how to run null

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