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Discussion in 'PSX Plugin Questions & Troubleshooting' started by Alex, Nov 10, 2003.

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    Hi, I would like to play Gran Turismo using my mad catz steering wheel for playstation, so the choose for my pad plugin goes to harakiri because it has PSXLPT mode, but I can't get PSXeven/PCSX to work with it, my steering wheel is connected using a standard directpad pro compatible lpt cable, and it gets recognized by directinput psx pad drivers, however after uninstalling directinput drivers I can't get the wheel to work in any emu, this apply also to my dualshock 1/2 pads, I'm running windows XP pro sp1, giveio driver installed, latest PSXeven/PCSX, harakiri 1.04.
    I always had this problem, but a long time ago I succeded in getting harakiri to work in PSXLPT mode, but now it simple ignores any button pressed.
    Can anyone help me please ?
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    You might want to keep psxpad installed and enabled. It keeps the controller powered up better than Harakiri alone (which is hit and miss sometimes), and it doesn't interfere with the plugin's operation (hopefully :D ).

    There could be other problems too, such as bad timings on the emulator. Make sure you have proper frame rates.

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