Having a little trouble multi-player in Pokemon Emerald

Discussion in 'Visualboy Advance Discussion' started by foolfromhell, Oct 9, 2007.

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    Trying to evolve my machoke and kadabra by trading, and I have VBA Link, and the games load, but when it says "enter room", theres an error message "Communication error.. please check all connections, then turn the power OFF and ON"

    Whats going on?

    Also, VBA Link doesnt allow Fire Red and Emerald to link. Wtf?

    I think it *might* work if I converted the .sav file to no$gba format, but have no idea how to do that. I usually use gpSP on my PSP, so its a .sav file.

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  3. Hiei-YYH

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    vba link != Official vba

    and this is the official vba forum, so no candy for you. :)
  4. Squall-Leonhart

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    Fire Red uses the wireless adapter, for trading so i believe it is incompatible.. not to mention the fact fire red is a Pokemon Red clone anyway.

    the reason its erroring out on you is because your cpu is not strong enough to power both windows at the same time, most likely due to using filtering.

    best bet is to disable all filtering, use as little window size as possible, and then turn off the sound. this will provide every clock cycle to the emulation core.

    in other words, if both windows can't keep at least 98% emulation, then you will have problems.

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