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    If this has been asked before just redirect me there. I have searched and found nothing. Maybe I am just using the wrong terms or something :p

    I have just discovered psx emulation, and am having a hard time getting everything figured out. I got epsxe and a few games up and running, but I am having troubles with PEC. I can get cheats working fine if they are the ones that come already with the download, but when I use user database to enter new cheats, I get an error message. I'm trying to enter cheats for a game it does not already have (Duke Nukem Total Meltdown).

    I enter the title and cheat, and when I click ok, I get the following:
    "Userdb has been modified. Save changes?"
    *clicks yes*
    "Unable to save file "C:\Program Files (x86)\psx emulation cheater\user.inf\". Abandon Changes?

    this one person told me to disable UAC but I don't know what UAC is
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    User Account Control. It was added to Vista and still exists in Windows 7, though now it's considerably less annoying in 7.

    Go to Start -> Control Panel -> User Settings.

    You should see an option to adjust the UAC settings. Click that and turn it down or (preferably) completely off.

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