Help..*VERY* bizarre issue with Psxeven. No vibration in games!

Discussion in 'PSXeven Discussion' started by isamu, Dec 22, 2010.

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    Hi guys.

    OK here's the deal....I have a very odd issue going on with PSXeven. I am trying to play Ridge Racer Type 4. RRT4 was one of the first games to support the original Sony DualShock controller, complete with rumble. But for some reason, upon running the game in Psxeven, and then going into the option menus, I do not see the on-screen option to turn vibration on or off. This is odd, because when running the REAL RR-Type 4 on the actual PS One, as well as running it in epsxe and Pcsxreloaded, the option DOES show up on screen to toggle it on and off!

    I have tried all kinds of gamepad plugins for psxeven...Lilypad, N-Rage, Dr.Hell, you name it, and the problem still persists. My steering wheel shows up in Lilypad and even rumbles in the vibration tests menu!!! So what can you suggest I change in order for Psxeven to think I have a dualshock controller with rumble enabled? Because as of now, it doesn't seem to think there is one connected.

    very very VERY strange. Please help, because psxeven is my favorite ps1 emu :(
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