How to configure 2-nd gamepad in epsxe?

Discussion in 'ePSXe Discussion' started by just-a-guest, Dec 18, 2016.

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    I've 2 identical gamepads which are working just fine. In particular, I can run epsxe in Wine, and configure 1-st gamepad through Config→Gamepad→Port1→Pad1, and the 2-nd through Config→Gamepad→Port2→Pad1 (and I see for configuration, 1-st gamepad buttons are prefixed with J1_, and the second with J2_).

    The problem is, when I'm configuring gamepad of native version of epsxe — instead of keynames it inserts keycodes, like "264" for L2, and they're identical for both gamepads. So after everything is configured, a single gamepad ends up managing both players.

    Have anybody an idea for what to do, or where to report a bug?

    epsxe: 2.0.5
    Gamepad plugin description: "ePSXe Core Input 2.0"
    OS: Archlinux

    UPD: sry, I probably should've posted to "epsxe" thread. I was confused because α) the epsxe site redirects here, and β) the "software discussion" forum already have epsxe question at top. Asking moderators to move thread to "epsxe" as I can't delete it or move.
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