How to debug Cxbx.dll and Cxbxkrnl.dll with Visual Studio 6.0

Discussion in 'Cxbx Official Discussion' started by shadow_tj, Dec 16, 2008.

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    Im looking into cxbx sources again, and found some problems with visual studio 6.0
    Not that it are problems with the program but that i dont have that much experiance with it.

    When yah wanne debug cxbx.exe, yah set the active project on cxbx.exe
    then build cxbx.exe and to set some breakpoints .... press right mouse button in the source and set breakpoint here option sets the breakpoint.

    Now i can debug cxbx.exe with Debug -> Go

    that was no problem and debugged cxbx.exe alot.....
    Now my problem... set active project on cxbx.dll, set the breakpoints and now i wanne debug the cxbx.dll

    First thing the compiler tells me that its not a exe, so it needs to be linked.
    no problem delphi has the same and we can link to the default.exe created by default.xbe turned into exe by cxbx / dxbx.

    after linking to the default.exe i get a exception when running.. and can not debug ( im not getting to my breakpoint ).

    So my question.... HOW the hack i can debug the cxbx.dll and cxbxkrnl.dll ??
    Is this the right way to do it, and are this yust exceptions because he can find diffent versions of cxbx.dll and dont have the right version when trying to debug ?

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