How to Install "Damn Small Linux" on my hdd and make a Linux Partition.

Discussion in 'Software Discussion' started by Xtreme2damax, Apr 20, 2006.

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    I recently stumbled Upon "Damn Small Linux", A Mini clone of the Linux Knoppix shell, It can be ran from a CD-RW, usb thumb drive,, as well as installed to my PC's Hdd Drive, leaving a reletively small footprint of about anywhere's between 50 megs - 300 megs of space.

    My problem is I want to Install it to my hard disc drive, a tutorial I looked at said to use the "cfdisk" Utility, so at the command line, I open up cfdisk, to try and make a linux Partition, so I could run either windows XP, or Damn small linux.

    The Problem that I'm having, is that the cfdisk utility, is only recognizing my main hdd, which is the one windows XP is installed on, and I really want to install it to my harddrive, for a convienience.

    Everytime I try to create another Partition (Linux) on my C: Drive, it says it can not be done because the Drive is in use, and has data on it, which makes it impossible to create a Linux Partition, to install dsl (Damn small linux) on.

    My question is can I Dual-Boot Both Os's without Jeapordizing the data on my main hdd C: , I Obviosely don't have the windows XP CD, but Instead have a restore DVD that came with my system, that is bassically an image of windows xp (Almost). Can Someone Explain to me how to Select Drives, and or format them in damn small linux command shell, so I can Dual boot, and choose either Linux or windows xp. I'm stuck on trying to figure this out:???:

    I'd really appreciate it if someone could tell me how to do this, and give me some info, thanks a bunch if anyone can help me;)
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  3. Proto

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    My recommendation would be to first defragment your hard drive so that you can minimize any possibility of data corruption, and then use Powerquest PartitionMagic to make your partitions....
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    GNU parted is the only Linux program that can resize existing partitions, but I'm not sure how safe it is with NTFS. Anyway, resizing partitions always carries some risk. Just be prepared.
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    this is probably a little late for a post,but for those still having this same problem: you say the installation wants to install on your man drive, so i assume you have two drive. if your using two drive, unplug the second one and proceed with the installation. if your using only one drive, i would recommend using a graphical installation for partitioning, this will decrease your probability of erasing your windows information. use a linux live cd ,such as mandriva or mandrake. boot the cd ,make your linux boot partition after windows.then make root ,swap, and home partitions.linux will ask you to set up your boot partition. if dual booting, you have to write to the master boot record in windows. this is ok as long as you do not format the windows partition. most linux installation will reconize the ntfs partition. if you happen to mess up the master boot record, this is ok as long as you have you a copy of the windows installation cd and administrative rights. just boot the windows cd and choose restore to fix the "fixmbr".

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