I really need to get one of my old attachments back - urgently. Please help!

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    I posted all of my GameCube save data on here ages ago, and my memory card recently failed. I really need my save data back... It's all supposed to be in the post at the top of this page:

    I can even see the files here:

    The original links to the files are as follows:



    Do you have all of these files, just not inserted into the posts? Or did you actually lose all of the attachments in the transfer?
    But can't get to them ;_; PLEASE help me...
    If someone could attach the file again, or PM me a link, I'd really appreciate it...
    My mediafire link is, of course, removed when I actually needed it. So that's not an option.

    My old memory card had all of this stuff, and the most maddening part is that I downloaded it weeks ago and then re-installed everything on my computer and didn't back it up because I thought I could download it from here again...

    Is it possible to recover this file? I NEED my pokemon party back, and I don't want to have to unlock everything in Smash Bros. Melee before a tournament I scheduled for two days from now.
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  3. wyatt8740

    wyatt8740 New Member

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    I FOUND IT! I had a copy on my ipod's failing hard disk. I was so relieved that the file wasn't corrupt :)
    I've re-uploaded it. I still think that fixing attachments should be a priority, though.
  4. NGEMU_Admin

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    I have a ticket open and the team is looking into it as a priority.

    Sorry for the delay however I will keep you posted.


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