Intel x5-z8300 (Cherry Trail) Win10 Tablet: What can it run?

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion' started by hbCyber, Sep 21, 2016.

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    Hi guys,

    I'm planning to buy a cheap Windows tablet for the sole purpose of retro gaming. I'm trying to find what's the best deal I can get away with while being able to play my favorite games and systems at 100% speed. The shops near me have good deals on tablets based on Intel's x5-z8300 chip, and I'm wondering what kind of performance I should expect, or if I should go with something more expensive. Here's what I'm shooting for, below.

    Keep in mind I don't require 100% accurate emulation, i.e. I'm not gonna run BSNES instead of Snes9x for example. This is just for fun. I also don't mind turning down the resolution/graphics quality if I need to, in order to get full speed without lag. I value perfect frame rate over image quality.

    Essentials (want to be able to run at 100% FPS):
    • Nintendo (Nestopia, FCEUX)
    • Super Nintendo (Snes9x)
    • Gameboy, Gameboy Advance (No$GBA)
    • Sega Genesis, Game Gear, CD, 32X (Kega Fusion)
    • Turbo Grafx 16 (Mednafen, I guess?)
    • MAME old or non-CHD based games. e.g. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
    Nice to have:
    • Above consoles (Nintendo, SNES, etc.) with HQx filter applied
    • Nintendo DS (No$GBA)
    • MAME CHD-based or CPS games e.g. Killer Instinct 2, Street Fighter 3
    • PSX/PS1 emulation (ePSXe or alternative)
    • N64 (Project64) -- the least priority. I don't mind taking that one out at all.
    Do you think the z8300 can handle the essentials? What about the nice-to-haves? I'd value your input on this.
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  3. Lasnap

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    Should be able to handle everything minus maybe NDS.

    PS1 and N64 are NOT that heavy. NDS is way heavier on resources then PS1 and N64.
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  4. Hard core Rikki

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    Dolphin/gamecube appears to stutter on a similar chip, so I suppose it'll handle your necessities and extras well enough (except maybe HQx).

    If you can, still consider a test run before commiting to a purchase. The SOC may be fine but ram amount matters too.
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  5. acdbrn2000

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    I have a WinBook TW802 which has an older Atom SoC in it (z3735f) here is what it can run when hooked up via hdmi to a 1680x1050 (The TV in my bedroom since this is a cheep media center for me)

    Anything 16bit or less it is not a question of if it can run it becomes more a question of if I can find a graphical enhancement to make it not run and there are some that the intel graphics will just not like. This is no FS btw

    So Snes Nes Gens SegaCD GG GBA TG16 GB and older ones are all fine.

    MAME is mame and most 2d fighting games shoild be fine but some have odd issues but if you are not uaing some of the heaviest and fully 3d games you should be mostly fine. Naomi and triforce boards or anything newer might give you issues.

    N64 emulation works ok (well it works like N64 emulation always does)
    PS1 will work I would avoid some of the newer heavier OpenGl plugins but as long as you don't really enhance a lot it ahould be fine.

    I have no clue about NDS emulation since it seems odd to do tht one with out a touchscreen so I emulate on my android devices that one.

    Added bonuses while ps2 or xbox emulators will probably not produce enjoyable results ps2/xbox era games seem to be a relative sweet spot for native pc games. Deus Ex1/2 run fine, Jade Empire SE, and others all ran without any real issues, but my device is also running win 10 32bit so the 64bit may have os issues with some older native games.

    Indy games can run well depending onnthe game and if you temper expectations.

    And finally Scummvm and Dos box run nicely too.

    The x5 z8300 has the same clock speeds as my chipset and slightly better gpu so as long as the manufacturer didn't mess things up and cause heat issues or other things like that you should get simular to slightly better results.
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  6. hbCyber

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    Thanks a lot for your responses guys, quite reassurring.

    I've decided I'm gonna get a Xaomi MiPad2 which has a z8500 processor, instead of z8300, just to be sure. It's the right size/format for my needs. It'll take me a while to get the tablet and get everything setup but I'll try to leave a final note about performance once it's done. Thanks again!

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