Is this windows tablet enough for fullspeed emulation?

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    I had the chance to get a windows tablet for 50USD so i had to buy it. It has a BayTrail "Z3735G" CPU and let me say that its all what i wished for a very long time. It let me play all my old windows games like Sims1, AoE, Fahrenheit, RPG Maker 2000 games, Red Faction 1, Half Life 1 just fine. I cant believe that i can have a device which fits in my pocket which is as fast as my gaming computer 10 years ago, and keep in mind for 50USD!

    But now i gave PSX emulation a go. Ive tried "" and it was slow as hell (tried mednafen plugin). Then ive tried the ePSXe emulator and it runs just fine with the PeteOpenGL2 Plugin with settings all low (i dont need nice graphics, i just want that it looks like original PSX graphics and runs well). But something seems to be off: Ive tried "Crash Bandicoot 2", the pal version (fullspeed with pal is 50fps) but it somehow felt a little bit slow. It just felt slow but you couldnt see any slowdowns, the controlls had a slight delay and it didnt felt 100% smooth. Then ive turned the "show FPS" option on. The FPS were fluctuating sometimes for a split of a second. Most time it was at 47-49 fps, but sometimes the FPS were for a split of a second on 43 fps.

    Ive tried the same settings and game with my gaming PC and the FPS were 49fps the whole time. Then i´ve read on that the Z3735 is barely enough for PSX and N64 emulation. Is this true? Are these fluctuation problems because of weak hardware or is this normal? Ive tried the P.e.o.p.s Soft driver 1.18 and there i have the same FPS fluctuations. What do you think?

    Thanks in advance.
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