ISO vs Bin, which is better?

Discussion in 'Misc PSX Discussion' started by Paratech, Feb 6, 2007.

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    I've been backing up Playstation games, and using ISO Producer, however it doesn't make "cue" files and PSX seems to want a cue file, a few ISOs don't run in it without a cue, so I've tried the same program I've been using to back up Sega CD disks, and I was wondering if saving the data as a bin has any disadvantages...

    I just want to backup my Playstation games to play them via emulation so as to not wear out my CDs, and I tend to play Playstation games on my PC more than I do on the console. *I have a Playstation 2 and my girlfriend has my Playstation*...

    So any suggestions on what would be best to archive my library would be appreciated. I plan on burning the ISOs to DVD and only keeping them on the hard drive when I want to play them, I just don't have the hard drive space for 70+ Playstation ISOs or BINs! LOL ...

    I might keep around 10 on at one time...Currently I have 19... 9 BINs and 10 ISOs...for the Playstation, I have arond 22 Sega CD BINs as well, but they seem to take up much less space...
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  3. Allnatural

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    I've always used ISOBuster to create bins. And yes, it will make proper cue files (important for games that use redbook audio).
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    It doesn't matter unless you want CDDA audio. I always use Alcohol 120% at the cloneCD setting.
  5. GaveUpTomorrow

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    ISOBuster works best for me as well, always using the BIN format. Bin format has always worked for me in every situation, while ISO is sometimes a shot in the dark, as they don't always work properly. ISOBuster is free as well, so its well worth using ;)

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