Legacy of Kain: Beguile form glitch

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    I've been playing Blood Omen on epsxe and got to the part where you get Beguile form. Whenever I use it, the game lags out and I can't do anything until I pause or try to switch to some other form. Anyone ever have any issues like this?
    When you get Beguile Form and attempt to morph into a human, the game will glitch and freeze up. I can't find a way around this. Can't complete the game because of this glitch. Are there any ways to fix this glitch?
    Video Plugin: Pete's Open GL2 Driver 2.9
    Internal X resolution: 1
    Internal Y resolution: 1
    Stretching Mode: 0
    Render Mode: 0

    Texture filtering: 0
    Hi-res textures: 0

    Off-screen drawing: 1
    Framebuffer effects: 3
    Framebuffer Upload: 2

    Sorry, I fixed this by myself. You need to load game save from memory card and do not from quick saves. Or you will have this glitch.
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