legend of dragoon black screen bug

Discussion in 'Game/Console Discussion' started by jasonsmr, Jun 8, 2002.

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    Legond of Dragoon black screen at dragon
    I seem to have a common prob with a black sreen occuring after the battle with lenus and a water dragon.
    I save stated at the items-experance points screen after this battle.
    the same thing ahppens every time i try no-mater the plugin with one verration on the typ of items i recive the same thing After witch the bug occurs,pitch black.

    I would have normaly saved a save state slot right befor battel for such an emergancy but It was an exciting fight and the save point two screens away was already passed by and it was too late now.

    In fact the last time I saved the game was at the bandits home.
    This does'nt seem to be a sound prob. nor a cd thing I just downloaded 1.5.2 and it is'nt working either.

    well so far i've tryed disabling all sound chesking and recheckind all the game fixes for LOD are on and also fooling around quite a bit with most other possably..including the patch,someones game cheat for LOD on epxse.None of witch seemed to affect it. darn my luck and inability to prevail.

    oh by the way

    Pete's D3D Driver 1.58

    Andy's SPU Audio Driver 0.1 all epsxe sound options checked
    just using this in ver.1.5.1 becuse its smoother in battles and no spontanious pauses or the cd trying to read the disk and frezes other than the bug stated.
    with ver.1.5.2

    Pete's CDR ASPI/IOCTL Driver 1.10 )the only one it worked with till I just downloaded ver.1.5.2).Ill stick with it.

    scph7502.bin but im on the second disk and just updated epsxe so any bios works!

    my puter is a penuium III 1 gighz flat.

    over 256 sdram

    32 mb geforce2 pro GTS

    sony cdrw some times use till I switched sound plugins smoother less pauses

    AtAPI 50x the one Im using more pauses during battle.
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    Too bad,try using 1.5.0 and enable accurate cd-rom timing,see what happen...maybe

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