Looking to see if possible to run MGS2/3 at fullspeed with a $200 or so budget?

Discussion in 'PCSX2 Forum' started by XavierC520, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. XavierC520

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    Was wondering if this might be possible?

    I had asked reddit for some help and was given some specs that may be decent, but was wondering if anyone here might be willing to provide a more educated answer and some minimum parts I could get instead in order to achieve the same effect.

    Much appreciated.

    Here is a link to the reddit comment. Not sure if it's not allowed, if not I can try and post a screen instead.

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  3. acdbrn2000

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    I would personally recomend craig's list as you can get much more hardware for much less money and unlike ebay you can see it working before you pay. I would then say maybe ebay (just exercise caution to avoid scammers). Amazon is a wonderful reasource to pick up new items from almost anywhere and even some pricy referb/used stuff but for an extreme budget build it is one of the least useful.

    By using craig's list I was able to get a 4690k system, a good psu (evga 430w), 8gb ram (not exactly necessary for a emulation pc), a 1gb 640 gt (not a great card for extra bells and wistles but works fine for most emulators), and a bluray drive for $350.

    More common in your price range are older prebuilts like dell optiplex systems or hp z200 series with i5 2500k or i7 2600k and some meh graphics thrown in. This might not be be the emulation system of your dreams but if your lucky you may find an even better set of parts someone who just did a kaby lake upgrade is trying to sell.
  4. Yeloazndevil

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    better off with a used ps3 and buying the hd collection to be honest

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