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    Hi,new here. I have pcsxr and I mapped my controller but I'm losing directional imputs every couple seconds or so. The char I am trying to control will just keep walking in a straight line or stop moving every like 10 seconds. SO i thought it might be a controller issue and i booted up nes zelda and never loss connection or imputs. So, then I thought must be the game or emulator. So I remapped my movement keys to the keyboard in pcsxr and reproduced the same loss of connection/imputs every 10 seconds or so. So, i figured it has to be the game or emulator is messing up every 10 seconds. I regain control after like half a second and it works fine again, then 10-20 seconds go bye and I lose control for a half second or so. Its playable its just not perfect. Any one know what could be causing this?
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