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    Hey everyone,

    I have a corsair h100i v2 I'm puttin in a commander g42 with a gigabyte g1 gaming gt board
    unfortunetly I didn't realize when I bought these that I was gonna have trouble fitting the radiator
    and the stock fans in between the top of the case and the heat sink at the very top of the mobo.It seems as though my memory and slots will be perfectly fine its just the heatsink causing the issue.So i was looking for some low profile 120 mm fans with high static pressure,now the stock ones got about approx 4.0 h20 static pressure I realize I probably wont get that high with low profile fans but I would like to get as close as possible so I dont take a huge hit in the cpu cooler performance because of a dumb problem such as this.If anyone could help locate some quality high performance low profile 120 mm fans it would be GREATLY appreciated this problem is becoming a huge hassle. Thank you.
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