Moving Retroarch (Mednafen) saves to PCSX-R?

Discussion in 'PCSX Discussion' started by lightsout85, Sep 21, 2016.

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    I'm wanting to try using PCSX-R for my PSX emulation, after previously having used Retroarch. When I initially used RA I was easily able to change my saves from the android version of ePSXe I had been using. I figured that since PCSX-R uses the traditional 2 mem-card files, I could just import the files (from within each RA "individual game memory card"). I tried it flat-out (opened al mem-cards in MemcardRex & just copy/pasted the files), I tried formatting the memory-card then importing, I tried formatting then "long form" importing (exporting from every single-game card, then opening PCSX-R's mem-card 1 & importing them).

    No matter what I can't get my "test game" (Crash Bandicoot 2) to see any saves in-game.

    Does anyone know what could be going wrong here?
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