MvC2 best settings?

Discussion in 'nullDC Discussion' started by ShiroZX, Apr 30, 2017.

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    Hello, I recently downloaded nulldc to play MvC2 hoping that I don't get the slowdowns I get when I play on pcsx2.
    Now, it runs smoothly, I like it. But sometimes it goes down to 40fps which is annoying, it happens specially with captain commando's first hyper combo (that giant sword). So for future games that I would like to play too: Is there any settings I could change to make the game faster?. I don't need to have the best quality, I just like it fluid with a good resolution so it won't look like shit.

    Im playing on a laptop.
    4gb ram
    Intel core i5-3320 2.60ghz
    Windows 7 Professional
    And it has an intel graphics card (I know, kinda sucks).

    Edit: It also slows down when having assists out.
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